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Color Bomb 

One of my most viral series has new installements and prints!

Fluid Art

Nika Leverett

Modern Abstract Art

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Canvas Prints 

At my studio, I believe that everyone deserves access to beautiful and inspiring artwork. That's why I offer affordable canvas prints in a variety of styles and sizes, so you can find the perfect piece to suit your style and budget. Explore our collection today and discover the perfect canvas print for your home or office.

What's up?!!

I'm Nika Leverett

As a multidisciplinary artist. I combine a range of mediums showcasing the internal visions that I can only express through creating. I've always allowed myself to be inspired by everything around me. Something as uncomplicated as the meaning of a word or the bounce of a beat can provide so much inspiration. Art can be found in many things and I intend to find them all. From showcasing scopes of motion to a delicate dance of textures, I am on a constant chase to project the images from my mind to living art.

Simply put, I want viewers to see what I see.

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I would say that my head is always in the clouds, but it's much further. I love the moon, stars and space. 



I always knew that somewhere along my art journey that I would dabble in supplies but I knew it would be this soon or this successful. With over 500 units sold in 1 year. I cannot wait until you see what else I have up my sleeve.  Until then, shop the OG pigments. 


Custom Made Art

Looking for a stunning, one-of-a-kind commissioned art piece? Look no further than my art studio. I collaborate with potential collectors to create beautiful pieces that add value and style to any space. Together, we’ll create a work of art that captures your vision and embodies your unique style.


Modern Abstract

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hand sculpted wall hanging 

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